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Pakhi - Bikini baby of Bhojpuri cinema

The most popular and successful Bhojpuri actress Pakhi Hegde is going to become hotter like Urmila was in Rangeela. Bhojpuri cine veiwers are going to see her for the first time in the most sexy look and the theatres will burst out with oohs and aahas. Even the most cool will start sweating seeing her looks in Shiva.

Bhpjpuri film Shiva has been produced by the Movie Mughal of South Indian cinema D. Ramanaidu and the film is due to be released shortly. This scene was shot at the most beautiful tourist spot called Vizag at the sea beach. A romantic scene has been filmed on Pakhi and Nirahua in this song sequence which will pull viewers again and again to the theaters.

Till now Pakhi was known for her acting skills, innocent face, simplicity, and enchanting smiles. But, now she is going to be remembered more as a bikini baby of Bhojpuri cinema.


ramesh said...

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Vijay said...

u r very hot & sexy

H R said...

samundar me naha k or b namkeen ho gae ho

Siya Ansari said...

Pakhi is one of the hottest actress of bhojpuri movie and I like to listen to bhojpuri songs.

kumar bhojpuri said...

Pakhi Is The Top Actresss Of Bhojpuri Indusrty
,She is Very Beautiful Actress,i like him

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Aayush Raj said...

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