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Neetu Chandra -now a producer in Bhojpuri Cinema

Neetu Chandra will soon be producing a Bhojpuri film, Deswa. "It will be a commercial film and I intend to take it to all prominent film festivals across the world,” she observes and adds, “there’s so much of vulgarity in Bhojpuri films. I would want to act in one that every family could watch together.”
Well.. that was last thing expected from her.In the very interview she quoted "If you’ve got a great body, why not flaunt it?"
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Model-turned-actress Neetu Chandra's bare all antics for a magazine sometime ago, kicked up a national furore. She has been the grist of rumour mills ever since then and has even been called a lesbian.

But Neetu is unequivocally clear on what she has been doing.
“I am proud of what I did. It was part of my job and the job required sensuous poses; so I did it. Well, if you’ve got a great body, why not flaunt it?” she asks.

The hullabaloo though has flooded her with offers. “I never want to be slotted as an actress of a particular genre. I want to dip my fingers into every conceivable role. I want to be versatile,” she told Metrolife.

The clothes that Neetu has worn so far has earned her the tag of a bombshell.
“I am comfortable with my body. It’s not my skin but the character in me that I would like people to focus on. I have really worked hard on my body so what’s wrong in showing it off?” she wonders.


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