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Kalpana in 'Sur Sangram' in Mahua channel

Bhojpuri singer Kalpana is going places. First, it was NDVT Imagine's 'Junoon' show, now it is Bhojpuri channel Mahua's 'Sur Sangram'. Like the talent-hunt show 'Junoon', 'Sur Sangram' is a mega musical Bhojpuri reality show to be aired on the recently-launched Bhojpuri TV channel Mahua.

Kalpana, visibly excited to be on the show, said, “I am very happy to be here as a judge for the show. Today’s generation has a completely different ear for music. 'Sur Sangram' has given these singers a very good platform to showcase their talent. Mahua Channel has done a good job in coming with a different concept like this.”

'Sur Sangram' is a musical competition between UP and Bihar; it is directed by none other than the King of reality shows Gajender Singh. This will be the first mega Bhojpuri reality show by Gajender Singh, who has featured in many popular reality shows like 'Sa Re Ga Ma', 'Voice Of India', 'Waar Parivar', 'Junoon', 'Kutch Kar Dikhane Ka…', and 'Chak De India'. "I think that the USP of the show is the jury. Most reality shows have the audience selecting or eliminating the contestants. But in this case, 80% of the judgement is in their hands," says Kalpana. “This is one reason why I signed the contract. There are only a few good singers in Bhojpuri industry. Yes, there are stars and superstars but not professional playback singers. There are some good folk singers, but they don’t know how to live a character through singing."

"We are looking for fresh talents. I will first listen to them singing, and see how they perform, the quality of their voices, their pronunciation, the rhythm in which they sing and several other criteria based on which I will give them marks. The judgement will be purely based on that particular day's performance. For me winning is not only to be the winner. After clearing the show, if you fail in the studio, you are a failure. So to get noticed by your consistent performance is very important," she added.

Kalpana’s biggest release of 2009 was Shahrukh Khan's Billu. After the hit Billu and 'Junoon', Kalpana should indeed be happy to feature in a show that has her delivering the judgement.

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